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"As You Grow Older, You Will Discover That You Have Two Hands. One For Helping Yourself, The Other For Helping Others"

- Audrey Hepburn

About Us

Royal Grace Styling is a Company giving the ultimate collage of classically refined fashion. This is a dream many years in the making and many hours of study to bring something completely unheard of in the fashion arena.

Gaining Attention

As fashion goes, every designer and every boutique has their signature look or style. As well, there is the underlying tone that their style will gain in popularity. Because vibrational fashion is completely unheard of, it has given Royal Grace Styling the opportunity to transform the industry and influence thousands of lives, giving men and women the confidence of fully accepting who they are and being proud of expressing it.

Whether you prefer a classic professional look with a pop of color or lean more toward high art street cool, you'll find the looks from Royal Grace Styling more than appealing. Keep an eye out for the latest as new pieces and designs are always coming to the surface.

About Our Owner

Royal Grace Styling was started by Amber Grace after many years of dreaming. From a young age Amber loved fashion and would play with her mother's fabric remnants. In 2012 she received her degree in fashion merchandising and interior design and after a few years of gaining valuable hands on experience in different aspects of the fashion industry Royal Grace Styling was finally launched. Because we offer a unique and personal experience with fashion we allow you to fall in love with yourself in ways you never knew were possible.

Stylish White Dress

Quantum Physics Made Easy

The idea for her clothing line was partly inspired by her mother's work that involved quantum physics. Amber was inspired by that work, and her love of fashion and people to help people discover their unique frequency and corresponding element and fashion. Using this information, we help you style yourself in ways that highlight your personality, help you feel more balanced, comfortable, and healthy.

Vibrational Fashion

All designers have their own signature look or style that plays into their rise in popularity. We use vibrational fashion to give our customers the confidence in themselves to fully accept who they are and express their nature with pride. You'll find the styles available in our boutique appealing, whether you prefer a classic, professional look or a trendy style. This isn't your traditional shopping trip. We offer life changing insight into your personal style that will alter how you carry yourself, handle situations and deal with your peers. We help you fall in love with yourself through your shopping experience.