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"Everything Is Energy & That's All There Is To It. Match The Frequency Of The Reality You Want & You Can Not Help But Get That Reality. It Can Be No Other Way,
This Is Not Philosophy This Is Physics."



Are you curious to learn more about the designer clothing from Royal Grace Styling? Feel free to review our frequently asked questions for answers.

Q: How Do I Know What My Nature Is?
A: This is a personal journey that we help you make. Ultimately, it is an intuitive connection that we want to guide you to based on the information provided on our "Discover My Nature" page.

Q: What If I Don't Like My Colors/Clothes?
A: That is perfectly normal. When we have expectations or believe our "flaws" need changing or balancing, we gravitate toward the opposite colors and frequencies. We may develop an aversion to the colors and styles that will bring balance to our nature.

Q: What If I Buy Something and Then Decide It's Not My Color/Nature?
A: We understand this is a process of discovery. As such, we offer free 30-day return and exchange policy. Try our 30-day challenge.

Q: Is This Based Off My Astrological Sign?
A: The four natures are based on quantum physics and the vibrations that make up each individual, color, and object. This shopping experience is designed for your personal element, but not necessarily the one assigned by astrology. We have found that the time you were born doesn't often correlate with your vibrational nature.