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"Owning Our Story & Loving Ourselves Through That
Process Is the Greatest Thing That We'll Ever Do"

-Brene Brown


Royal Grace Styling founded in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, works with clients to create a whole new look to suit their personal natures. Our carefully selected clothing will be perfectly suited to you. We have customers who are only too happy to attest to their satisfaction with their purchases.

"I love every piece in my new closet.

This morning I "dressed my nature" and people at church said "you look so pretty" vs. the comments I would get with my old choices: "nice blouse" or "nice outfit" or "cute necklace".

"Now my natural beauty shines out rather than the clothing, style or colors outshining me.

The difference is striking now as I feel and look beautiful when I wear the style that I was created for.

You opened my eyes. It was not an easy transition for me. I was actually a bit insulted and very resistant when you first introduced me to the idea of changing my clothing style and colors, even though I knew I didn't have a handle on style.

Now I call my old colors and style "the black widow in boldness"...lots of black and red with splashes of woohooo bold over the top brightness.

I LOVE my new colors and style. I feel soft, feminine, flowing with grace. I'm embracing my truth and it's spreading to my makeup and hair and jewelry.

Thanks RGS! You have a gift."

– Maryanne A.

I want to do a shout out to Royal Grace Styling. RGS helped me see how my identity and my personality could be expressed through what clothes I wear.
I used to think clothes were just necessities to not be naked in public and niceties for special occasions. RGS helped me see how what I wore and what I expressed through my fashion actually did matter to me. They helped me see what styles of clothing were going to express what I actually wanted to communicate about myself. I now get excited for what I want to wear. If you want to better understand how you can express who you are through your clothing choices, I highly recommend you connect with Royal Grace Styling.

Benjamin S.