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Embracing Identity Through Fashion

This blog is dedicated to sharing more than just Royal Grace Styling company goals and accomplishments. I want to get personal and share real stories and successes and even some fail moments, because lets face it, we all have plenty of each. Life is about learning and growing. If you're not failing at something it means you're not trying new things. Take the risk and have fun!

What Is My Nature?!

Your nature is established from the time of conception. It doesn't always match with astrolological signs so someone born during a water sign can be a dominant Earth nature or someone born with a fire sign can be dominant in any of the four natures. So if it has nothing to do with astrology how do you figure out what your nature is and your colors? This is a little bit of a challenge to communicate because there is so much information for each of the four to help you understand things. Starting at the Discover My Nature page is helpful because that lists several dozen traits for people to look through. One of my biggest "cheats" is figuring out if someone is introverted, or extroverted. Air and Fire are both natural extroverts, meaning they are comfortable in large people settings and can relate to a large group of people at one time. Water and Earth are introverts which means they prefer to connect to individuals or small intimate groups in limited circumstances. Extroverts connect through outside circumstances, and introverts connect through inside circumstances. To get a little more in to this I'll start with Air nature. They connect through social interaction. Their world is in many ways centered around their next activity or creative idea for someone, not their next Saturday Netflix marathon. The exception to this is no one fits perfectly in to a box. All extroverts need time alone, and all introverts need to socialize and connect. Water nature tends to be introspective and are very conscious of emotions, both their own and those around them. They plan things in their mind constantly so they can analize and become comfortable with things. This leads to some unbalances tendencies to borrow trouble. Worry about money, health, and family is a common tendency that this nature has to constantly keep in check. There is nothing wrong with this, as each nature has many strengths, but all also have some weak areas they can manage once they are aware of it. This isn't meant to belittle or judge anyone, I experienced many comments growign up that I was rigid and rude and had a chip on my shoulder. I resented this judgement and felt so helpless to change this unconscious trait I retreated in to trying to being a doormat and dressed accordingly because I was trying to soften my bold and blunt nature. Moving on to Fire nature they are again extroverted but in a physical way. This person may be the one who likes to give the punch on the arm to finish their point, or the person who you can hear coming down the hall because of their firm gait. This is the go-get-er and the individual who has complete belief in their goals and ideas. Lastly the Earth nature. I once read from Carol Tuttle in her book "Child Whisperer" that this is the most misunderstood of the four natures. As an Earth nature woman I can relate and understand why. This nature is typically identified as a masculine nature and is somewhat intimidating to people. People can especially feel intimidated when an Earth nature is trying to play down their natural tendency to see the world in black and white terms. I often joke that I'm part Vulcan because I am so very logical. It can often seem like a contradiction as well because I'm super createve too. How this looks in my day to day life is I schedule time to be creative, but I process information logically. I connect to people through intellect and don't care for superficial relationships or projects. I will be sharing much more on this information in the days and weeks to come as well as share some physical traits to help identify your nature, but for most its learning about each type and recognizing and identifying with one or two and narrowing it down from there. The more you have tried to ignore or suppress your true nature the harder this can be. Don't ask other people to help type you (water natures mostly) but take the time and be introspective thinking of how you acted as a kid before you tried to change into an "ideal" person. 

Got Your Green On?

St. Patricks day is this week and picking out the right color green may seem like a challenge, especially when you are new to dressing your nature. I thought the same thing the first couple months I learned about colors. I was convinced that everything had to be exact and that some of my favorite clothes passed this rule. However as my eye got trained and I kept learning about colors I came to conclude that I still had some wrong colors in my closet. Some I kept out of sentementality even though I knew they were wrong, others I loved the fit of and wanted to keep them for that reason so I confinced myself they were the right colors. I don't fully understand why we are wired to grow attached to things and I am no exception so my love of fashion made the transition hard sometimes. I spent a good part of my life learning about fashion and building my wardrobe, and when I started to recognize the holes the fashion industry has left for people I was not immediately willing to jump in with both feet. However, I had had many days where I had what anyone would consider an amazing outfit, well put together, good accessories, etc. At the end of the day though, even though the outfit was "stellar" I hated it and felt awful about it and swore I'd never wear that combo again only to repeat this experience with some other combo. I was really confused and frustrated. It was this frustration and discontent that allowed me to finally make the shift to only dress in my colors, patterns, and fit. Do I always get it right now years later? No, I still have attachements to things and the fit changes over time as my body and taste changes, but I am far less loathsome of my clothes. I know I look good and am true to myself, even if I'm not always feeling 100% about a particular outfit. In short, I know its not me, my nature, or my body that is to blame. I can examine the clothes and figure out if they are still working for me instead of me working for it. This is just one aspect of loving yourself and placing the blame where it should be, with the object, and sometimes the industry, not your body!

What Goes Around Comes Around

Earlier this week when I made of big decisions to jump in with both feet I reached out to a previous client I met with several years ago. I asked him where he was at and if he had been impacted by what I shared with him. At the time I met up with him we were both students at Bethel Churches School of Supernatural Ministry and were pretty broke, so all we did was go over the information that is similar to the discover my nature page. Two years later he gives an incridibly meaningful testimony of how he went from just wearing clothes because society deems it necessary to, "RGS helped me see what styles of clothing were going to express what I actually wanted to communicate about myself. I now get excited for what I want to wear." When you give and give, it really does have an impact even if you don't see it at the time. I once read that the average introvert impacts 10,000 people in their lifetime. Taking the time to learn about your nature and why you may react by inwardly retreating, or why you are more goal oriented than those around you, or even why you need one-on-one time with those closest to you or just a wide variety of people to interact with, you won't regret it. Seeing how discovering your nature can help you live in a new level of freedom and shop without having to think, that's just an added bonus. My own mom has gone from hating to shop and always trying to match everything to embracing textures and color varieties, and it's a privilage to see how she has grown in confidence in an area she was probably intimidated by for the majority of her life. I still have the honor of helping her pick out outfits on occasion, but I'm a proud daughter to see a new side to my very confident and driven Mom. I'm including a link to another gentleman who went through an identity journey, although it wasn't through fashion, it's still the core of what I do when I write, meet clients, or shop, enjoy!

A and A

What is Quantum Fashion?


Everyone in fashion is looking to stand out, if your in the fashion business you're looking for that niche market to succeed and make a lot of money. Even though quantum fashion can do both, my passion is and hopefully always will be to empower the individual. So to begin explaining how I match a person or better yet, how to help an individual learn who they are on their own so they can always look and feel their best, that is the best reward. That moment where a person takes that first step in embracing and loving who they were created to be.

So As I said in yesterday's post everything vibrates, colors, rocks, people, the coffee table, all of it. This is literally the most simplistic way to explain quantum physics in layman terms. If everything vibrates it just makes sense that there are some frequencies that match up better than others. So if the color brown vibrates at a higher frequency than say, black or gray then a person who has an air or fire nature shouldn't be wearing black or gray because they have a higher vibration. In this case opposites do not attract, they clash. When you try to mix a high frequency with a lower one,

 it distorts both vibrations. Essentially both vibrations are at war with each other trying to be dominant. When earth nature is matched with the correct low frequency vibrations the harmony is beautiful, the conflict stops and it actually helps you and those around you instead of tearing you down. People have shared stories that I will be adding to the testimonies page that they have lost weight when they changed the color of their clothes, oftentimes having done nothing else different. Even those who haven't lost weight have mentioned that people comment how that person looks like they have lost weight. Instead of getting compliments on an item like lip color, shirt, or dress, the entire person is complimented. Comments change from "what a great blouse," to "you look absolutely fabulous." This absolutely works and it works for everyone and I am passionate about helping any and everyone to understand and love themselves.

Can Fashion Really Impact My Identity?

For as long as I can remember I loved fashion. I was wearing "leggings" with my skirts over a decade before anyone else did then refused to participate in the trend for years because someone told me something that hurt and I didn't know how to let it go. Just as words are powerful, so is fashion. My personal journey was long and hard, and to be honest it still is sometimes, but the confidence I have learned to walk in, not just a character I slip in to when necessary, but true confidence and identity, that is why I love what I do. Is it just as simple as finding the right clothes that mirror who God made you? No, I wish it was that easy, but life is an adventure, not a merry-go-round. I had a lot of wounds and emotional immaturity and hurts, but I wanted to be who I believed I could be. I wanted more, I didn't want to settle for the pretty good, or the gradual maturity that comes with life. So I started looking and found out how vibrations create every living and nonliving thing on this planet. I learned that nature is God given, and nurture can be overcome. Nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon and the four most abundant elements on this earth and each vibrates at its own unique frequency. I learned about how this works, and how colors work the same way. Any trained artist will tell you there are four different color saturations composed of tints, tones, shades, and a pure hue. To wrap up for the day I'll end with this truth. You were created for more, and as trivial as fashion might seem, if it can be the spark that starts the whole blaze on loving yourself isn't that a small change that can produce a big, positive, and even social change that can help bring results, in this case a deeper understanding of your God given identity?