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Find the traits, features, and patterns that best fit the elements – air, water, fire, or earth – of your personality. Royal Grace Styling helps you discover the best clothing designed to work with your natural characteristics to help you feel comfortable and more in tune with yourself. We incorporate a range of color-coded styles to accent our element-inspired lifestyle.

Illuminator Nature Qualities

Think Ellen DeGeneres or Robert Downey Jr.

• Extroverted: Outgoing, to direct the mind and one's interest outward or to things outside of self.

• I have an idea! You come up with new things constantly.

• You are at heart a "social butterfly," you can interact with anyone and small talk comes easily. You can get along with even the most difficult people.

• You connect the most through social interaction.

• You are constantly trying to cheer people up and lighten their situation, sometimes by apologizing for things beyond your involvement or control.

• Physical features include: circles, hearts, and soft points which are visible in the eyes, cheeks, and face shape.

• You prefer not to be alone most of the time.


• Freckles, small random moles on the skin, blemishes, and reddening/blushing of the skin are all natural. Apple cheeks, dimples, and cherub looking, chubby or short fingers and short nail beds, with a small, youthful appearances are also common. A circle shape on the tip of the nose (button nose) or an upward nose that can be smaller in size is an air feature. Eyebrows can come to a point right over the eye, or are half circles.  Your eyes are round and can pop out, but have a sparkle or light in them. Your whole face lights up and smiles in an upward, light movement. The lines on the sides of your eyes turn upward when you smile.• You walk with a buoyant, bouncy spring in your step.

• You sit and stand with a lot of movement, shifting your position often. You can appear to be restless and fidgety to others, as you do not like to sit or stand still focusing on one thing for very long. You often sit Indian style or comfortably on the floor.

• Your voice is usually a higher pitch and can even sound squeaky. It often has an animated quality, or even a child like sound.

• Due to your bubbly nature when you speak, the tone of your voice rises and falls a lot. You speak with more dramatic, expressive, descriptive, animated language, and a lot of laughter. You always talk with your hands and often your whole body as well. You tend to use the phrase "Just kidding!" frequently.

• You were probably told to slow down or to stop moving growing up. You may have also heard thing like you are ditsy, or scatterbrained.

• You have a hard time completing an idea; you love new things, and a fresh idea can cause you to get sidetracked. This can cause judgment as you can be seen as unreliable.

• Due to your quick, and spontaneous thought process, you have a tendency to misplace things, cell phones, and keys being a few.

• You doodle using shapes that represent your natural movement circles, stars, and hearts, anything that is youthful and animated.

·• You would really rather not have to take the time to clean up. You figure you can do it later, or just do it really quick, so you can go do something more fun. For kids this could mean stuffing things in a closet or under a bed.

• You tend to make light of things that are hurtful. Laughing at insults is common.

• You are highly intuitive and can sense possibilities that other cannot.

• You genuinely have an optimistic outlook on life and are carefree.

• You are consistently inconsistent and adapt to new situations easily.

• Your thoughts and feelings are quick and spontaneous and you process things quickly.

• You can often interrupt or jump from topic to topic when you are in the middle of a conversation because you process so quickly. You speak what you are thinking almost instantly and you feel no need to sort it out before you speak.

• You can mentally organize quickly, but outwardly they appear disorganized and messy.

• You have a tendency of being late. If you get close to the agreed upon time feels like being on time to you.

• You are the most adaptable out of all four natures, and often defer to other people to lead. This can sometimes cause you to feel a loss of identity.

• Some of the challenges you may face include: When you have not followed through or have let someone down you tend to make excuses and stories as to why you could not follow through. If a new point of view presents itself, this may upset your previous plans. You can be very carefree with finances. Because you are so adaptable and you have a sunny nature that boosts others up, you have a tendency to consider what others want before you consider what you want.

• Words to describe this nature are: fresh, youthful, joyful, animated, bubbly, brilliant, radiant, random, crisp, fun, and unstructured.

• When you dress your Nature your outward appearance is in harmony with your inward vibration. You will be taken seriously for who you are - a fun loving and brilliant individual!

Nurturer Nature Qualities

Think Princesses Diana and Grace or Steve Jobs

• Introverted: A person who directs the mind and one's interests to things within themselves, primarily with their own thoughts and feelings.

• Focuses on, "What do we need to know, do, and have to make the idea possible?"

• This nature calmly connects us to our emotions and each other.

• Your dominant shapes in physical features are long "S" curves, ovals, and softened rectangles, visible in the eyes, nose, cheeks, the hairline, and body. Face is often oval. Cheeks can range from long with "S" curve, or be a dropped, or hush puppy cheek. Nose: Soft on the top, medium in size. Eyebrows: Half ovals, long S curve, very long eyebrows, and low arches. Eyes: Big almond shaped, doe eyes, heavy-lidded or drooping eyelids. Hands: Soft, graceful, smooth, long fingers that taper toward the nail, oval nail beds.

• You are steady and easygoing.

• Skin and texture: Skin is soft and supple with blended skin tones. It is free of wrinkles and lines and as a result you look younger than your age.  Your skin drapes beautifully and softly over the bone structure. It is also typical that you have a low, and subtle contrast in your skin and hair coloring.

• Walking: You have a smooth, graceful walk. You take longer steps and keep your feet close to the ground. There is no bounce, but a fluid movement.


• Sitting/Standing: You sit and stand in the shape of an S curve. A relaxed bend, holding your head to the side.

• Voice/Language: You have a softer voice of medium pitch. You can be hard to hear at times. You may have been told that you mumble or need to speak up. You use comforting, nurturing language. You speak in detail and ask many questions.

• Phrases you may have heard as a kid include, "hurry up," and "make up you mind."

• COMFORT! Is a Nurturer Nature's primary priority in every aspect of their life.

• Acting appropriately so as not to cause any discomfort for others, wearing comfortable clothing, sitting on comfortable furnishings, enjoying comfortable relationships, consuming comforting food, and sharing comfortable communication is key.

• It is necessary for a Water Nature to ask many questions and lead out with a degree of skepticism. This supports your need to question whether the possibility could become a reality.

• When sharing a story you include a lot of details.

• You are sensitive to emotions, details and plans, and can even be sensitive to foods, chemicals, electronics, and subtly toxic environments.

• You crave to connect to your world through your emotions. You offer a sense of peace and calmness to the world.

• You tend to become engrossed over details. If not expressed positively, you will frequently obsess and worry about life's details, such as money, health, and relationships.

• You have a great ability to help people feel connected due to your soft, gentle, and relaxed, way. You encourage others to relax and take it easy.

• If you are challenged or dealt with too intensely, your tendency is to hold back, or feel the need to retreat in some manner. Often you will think about what you have done to cause this response in another person, often assuming it was your fault.

• A judgment that you may have dealt with may have been, "You are so indecisive that you can never make up your mind."

• You like to think ahead and know what direction things are going, but you tend to think slower and be more methodically.

• You need time to ask questions and gather details and think things through to figure out what the outcome could be, before you commit to change.

• You are deliberate in your thoughts and others may judge you as slow, but for you it is necessary to meditate and think about everything surrounding a matter until you can form a calm and safe judgment. On the flip side, your desire to not exclude something can feel overwhelming.

• If you feel that too much depends on your response, you become unsettled, and often don't find the right words and can make a wrong or unsatisfactory reply because you want to take your time to process.

• This trait might make you feel slow, or even stupid, but this is not true! Your nature slows the others down and helps us to consider different options.

• You have a tendency to assume things and act like you are correct in your assumption and communicating this to others.

• Relationships: You value emotional availability, consistency, physical responsibility, and accountability in your relationships.

• Social: You are diplomatic, empathetic, proper, meticulous, preferring to observe rather than participate in larger social settings. You have an introverted energy.

• You are not shy.  Your nature expresses itself as an inward thought rather than an outward behavior.

• Timeliness: you tend to be on time due to your ability to make a plan and stick to it

• Work: You may appear to others to be slow at your tasks, you are just working carefully and reliably, but only if you have ample time and not rushed.

• You let people be preferred over you, even if they are less qualified or capable than you in a particular kind of work or position, but you can feel slighted because you are being ignored and you assume you and your skills are unappreciated.

• Money: You are great with numbers and taking care of the details of managing money, but worrying about money concerns and knowing where every cent is going can bog you down.

• Doodling: You doodle in long S curves, ovals, and soft relaxed shapes, connecting the shapes together. Think swirls and paisley.

• Personal Space: You are pile makers. All your piles have a connection and you have an ongoing plan to get rid of the piles. You quickly create new ones once the old piles are cleaned up. When cleaning you like to take more time to go through things in detail.

• Two common tendencies with shopping are (1) questioning a purchase and asking others if it is right for you; and (2) leaving the price tags on the clothes, even if you wear it a time or two, just in case it is not right and you want to return it.

• Words to describe this nature are: Soft, steady, relaxed, nurturing, comforting, warm, detail-oriented, kind, and nice.


Innovator Nature Qualities

Think Oprah and Michael Phelps

• Extroverted: Outgoing, to direct the mind and one's interest outward or to things outside of self.

• Focuses on getting things done.

• You are driven, sure, and purposeful.

• Dominant shapes include angles, triangles, and asymmetrical shapes. This can be seen in the eyes, nose, cheeks, hairline, and face and body shape.

• You push forward with intensity to create.

• Skin: is often "ruddy" hyper pigmented, textured, have sun or age spots, be more acne prone, and can have deep lines especially around the mouth.

• As a kid you may have heard, "Relax!" or "You're so insistent," or "Quiet down! You're too loud."

• You think big and have the motivation to go for your goals.

• You are a ready-fire-aim person.

• Face Shape: Triangular, with an angular or square jaw with chiseled edges. Cheeks are often triangles and higher with a chiseled look. Nose can be angular, knobby, have a "lump of clay" look and have triangular nostrils. Eyebrows come to a peak after the middle of your eye. Eyes come to a point in the inside or outer corners creating an exotic look no matter your ethnicity. Hands tend to look rough, textured, knobby knuckles, spots, obvious veins, and lots of pigmentation.

• Walking: You walk with a determined step, with a firm but brisk plant of your feet. People hear you coming.

• Sitting/Standing: You sit and stand at an angle, having legs or arms crossed, or under you. Your head can be cocked to the side and your hands on your waist.

• Voice/Language: Your voice is brassier with a medium to low pitch. You can speak loudly at times and your language can be abrupt.

• Taking an action that creates a result and change is important to you. You don't do things to impress people; you just need to accomplish things.

• Your inner voice challenges you to "do whatever it takes." You are the person that rolls up your sleeves and gets it done no matter the cost.

• You are a natural entrepreneur, leader, and all around motivator. People may judge you as being too much, overconfident, bossy, or pushy.

• You take the ideas from air nature, the information from water nature, and put it into production to get a project up and running.

• You love to finish what you start, but you only start what you are motivated to finish. Often you have many projects going simultaneously.

• You jump in and take action quickly, often wondering why no one else is taking action because you assume everyone else sees what you do.

• When shopping your goal is usually to get in, and get out with the best deal possible.

• When you try to soften or apologize for your nature it can cause an emotional build up which can then release in a burst of anger later.

• On certain occasions your desire for an immediate result can backfire. You believe in yourself so completely you don't consider the details, or the consequences, the greatest impact can be on your relationships where something is said or done out of haste and it impacts another in a way you did not mean it to.

• If not expressed in a healthy way, you may be creating scenarios that cause reactions from people, and they think it's on purpose.

• For you, success is measured in results or the lack thereof and you are expressive about reaching them.

• You are capable of changing directions abruptly both physically and mentally, and can handle diverse and multiple situations at one time.

• Your nature tends to get burnt out because you have so much going on and take on too many commitments.

• When challenged you tend to think, "Oh yea, just watch me!" You are the most competitive nature.

• Your thoughts and feelings are quick and deliberate and you can compartmentalize them to keep track of everything.

• If you took the time to read everything so far you are not fire. They love challenges and figuring things out and find details unnecessary.

• You value honest communication, credibility, and realism. You also value time and want people to get to the point and aren't afraid to tell them so.

• Relationships: You are open, eager to work things out with loved ones, and you show a great deal of love and affections for your deep connections.

• Social: You have confidence to interact with anyone; you are also a natural sales person.

• Timeliness: You are often late because you are not always realistic about what can be accomplished in a certain time frame.

• Work: You are reliable and excel in positions that allow you to take the lead, challenge others, and engage your entrepreneurial skills.

• A challenge you face is dominating Air and Water natures especially at work.

• Money: You are good with funds, and have a strong focus on it because it's a way to measure your success.

• Physical Activities: You prefer group activities and competition, you love to challenge yourself and win as well. When you have a goal and not just a routine, you tend to do better.

• Doodling: You doodle in shapes like sharp angles, triangles, "*" and asymmetrical patterns in all directions.

• Personal Space: You know where things are due to how compartmentalized things are in your mind. You can have a lot out and around on desks, counters etc. but you don't mind because you can clean it up quickly when you want to. Also what you own is practical or you don't see value in it.

• Words to describe you include swift, substantial, rich, textured, intense, practical, resourceful, direct, fiery, and abrupt.


Refiner Nature Qualities

Think Catherine Duchess of Cambridge or Johnny Depp

• Introverted: A person who directs the mind and one's interests to things within themselves, primarily with their own thoughts and feelings.

• Your leading trait is to complete and perfect that which has already been created.

• Your dominant shapes are elongated ovals with straight sides, and parallel lines. These shapes are seen in the eyes, nose cheeks, hairline, and body and face shape. Skin: Your skin is often clear, and reflective giving it a porcelain and striking quality with minimal lines and small pores. Cheeks: Parallel lines, and high cheekbones, often oval in shape. Nose: Parallel lines on the side of as well as the bridge of the nose, and oval nostrils. Eyes: Oval, bold, and reflective with straight line along the bottom of the lid or from one corner of the eye to the inner eye. Hands: Smooth, porcelain skin on top of the palm and parallel lines on the sides of your long fingers, and nail beds. They are often the same width all the way down.

• Walking, Sitting, and Standing: You walk with little movement of limbs with your body, upright, and poised. Your hands are often folded or hanging at your sides, your legs will both be on the ground.

• Voice/Language: Your voice is a lower pitch with a clear, clean, smooth sound. You speak less, but clearly, often using bold language.

• You process life logically, unlike Air, which is social, Water, which is emotional, and Fire, which is physical.

• Phrases you may have heard growing up include, "Lighten up!" or "Don't be so literal, judgmental, or blunt." or "You have a chip on your shoulder."

• This nature rarely looks to outside sources to help you understand yourself because you are deeply reflective and know who you are intuitively.

• You like to create rules, and play by the rules as long as you can trust the source or the rules themselves. Upon acceptance of a person or organization the rules are easier to accept even if you don't fully agree with them.

• Your gift and first instinct is to step back and analyze the whole to see how to improve it. This means you first see what is wrong with something.

• You truly want to perfect the world around you, and share what you believe to increase the quality of life.

• You may appear harsh, critical, and opinionated, but because you see flaws first you can't help it, and you can be misjudged as critical and negative.

• You do not give your natural authority away, rather you look to those you perceive as authority in their expertise to guide you.

• If you believe an authority is trustworthy you will follow their guidance, if not, you will follow their rules only while you are getting to your goal.

• If someone tries to be an uninvited authority over you, you think, "I didn't ask you to tell me what to do or how to do it." You do not welcome authority from people who have no more understanding or authority than you over a topic or situation.

• You stay focused easily in fact projects often relax you. You may even have a set relax time where you can fully let go.

• You demand perfection and want it from everyone and everything. You have high standards for yourself and others.

• You move forward with crystal clear, focused determinations while maintaining a quiet confidence that you can do it better than most people.

• Phrases used to describe you are, "You are such a tower of strength," or a judgment of, "You take things too seriously."

• You are among the most striking people in the world, and as much as you prefer to be unnoticed, you will always stand out.

• Your natural authority can unknowingly come across as intimidating to others. They are simply respecting your natural leadership.

• You can get stuck by wanting every little piece perfect, both personally and professionally. You can demand too much of yourself and others. This can create low self-esteem and pessimism in your view of self and life. Couching this as being a "realist" is also common.

• You are private, disciplined, influential, and uncompromising in your approach to life. You need a set time to relax and let go.

• You are not satisfied with the superficial. You search for the cause and correlation of things, seeking to understand things at their core.

• You are a clear thinker and an efficient organizer of your thoughts. You have to be organized before you move forward within a structure. You take in a lot of information and sort through the relevant info quickly to figure out what has value.

• You reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings reluctantly and only to those whom you trust deeply. Your feelings are deep and sensitive. You can empathize and make deep commitments with those you trust.

• You are an all or nothing, black, and white, thinker.

• When emotionally triggered you may be read as "icy" or "cool."

• You can be labeled a "know it all," but this is an accurate description because you are naturally discerning and concise.

• You value respect, loyalty, reliability, professionalism, appropriate humor, and timeliness in your relationships.

• Until you know how you are feeling, you stay quiet and you won't share your thoughts and opinions unless you feel your audience is worthy.

• When you are engaged in a conversation, you give your full attention and expect the same in return. You also don't like being interrupted when sharing things, especially deeply personal things, or are focused on a project.

• You express yourself in a straightforward manner. You like to get to the bottom line as quickly as possible.

• Social: You do not form acquaintances readily. You keep your circle of friends small and are close and loyal to them.

• Timeliness: You are always on time, or early and can feel disrespected when people are consistently late.

• Money: You are very thorough in how you plan your spending, thinking through a purchase before you make it. You tend to save so you can invest.

• You prefer to own less, but what you do own needs to be of good quality and value.

• Doodling: You do NOT doodle, you edit. You notice misspelled and incorrect grammar over random drawings.

• Personal Space: You like to keep things put away and out of sight. You prefer negative space and more contemporary styles.

• Words to describe you include bold authoritative, keen, regal, polished, striking, sleek, structured, clean, clear, simple, reflective, exact, and grounded.

If you made it through all the above information you are most likely a Nurturer or Refiner. If you are introverted your dominant nature is Nurturer or Refiner, if you are extroverted you are either an Illuminator or Innovator. If you can "see" yourself in all the natures, you could be an Illuminator. If you think you don't fit perfectly into any one category, you might be Refiner. If you only read a couple lines here and there you are most likely Illuminator or Innovator. If you are analyzing every detail you are probably Nurturer or Refiner. If you are asking everyone around you if a nature "fits" you are most likely Illuminator or Nurturer. Remember not every trait and feature will apply in any one nature. Look at the majority, instinct, and remembering how you acted as a child to guide you through this information.